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tv   ABC2 News  ABC  September 26, 2012 4:30am-4:55am EDT

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. you're watching the station that works for you. now good morning maryland. >> controversy for commuters. wend in between a-- wedged in between a podiatrist and lawyer ad. >> lock up the doors in anne arundel county. what police are doing this morning. >> good news and bad news on this wednesday. bad news is o's lost. good news, guess what? so did the yankees. all that coming up on this wednesday morning. it's september 26th. i am charley crowson. >> thanks for joining us. the middle of the week and the weather is going to change. >> it's changing as we speak. lynette has a check of the -- check of the forecast. >> we have at rain coming down
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on maryland's most powerful radar as of now. moderate shield of rain pushing in around bel air and baltimore. a little closer around towson we are seeing a couple lightning strikes with this as well. all this is beginning to slide off toward the east. it will be crossing the bay. as we zoom in closer, you can see more showers around lake shore and arnold. so as we head intoan arundel county you are getting heavier rein across the area. this will be across the eastern shore in moments. so rock hall getting in on light rain and get in on a heavier batch as we go through time. behind that, we will dry out and we have another chance for showers as we work our way into the afternoon. this morning, temperatures are mild all you need is the umbrella as you head out and about. let's check the apartment bc2 timesaver -- abc2 timesaver traffic. >> reporter: we are dealing with rain. so be extra careful as you head out. no delays on the jfx heading into the city. looking at an 11-minute ride traveling southbound from 695
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down to fayette street. everything will remain up to speed through the fort mchenry tunnel as well as the harbor tunnel. as we check in and look live outside here at the west side of the beltway, no problems to report whatsoever at liberty road. a nice easy ride if you are traveling the inner loop through pikesville or outer loop. the roadways are going to be wet. so be extra careful as you travel the beltway this morning. that's the abc2 timesaver traffic. now over to you megan and charley. the familyof a teen killed during a scuffle with an off- duty baltimore county police officer are holding a fund- raiser and petition drive today. the officer said he chased down brown after rocks were thrown at his house in june. wpss say brown didn't -- witnesses say brown didn't throw the rocks. after an internalings have he was charged with would be count
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of manslaughterch the fund- raiser he and petition drive is from 5 to 9 tonight at the ihop. security is coming at a big price for people in a community. this have been 15 -- dlsh have been 15 burg -- there have been 15 burglaries. it's a place where neighbors are close and they never really worried about crime until now. police think it's the same suspect who knows the neighbors routines and knows them very well. the person has made off with cash, jewelry and electronics. >> it upset everybody that lives here. neighbors are getting burglar alarms and windows are locked down with bars. >> that is neighborhood where everyone used to leave the doors open. >> i am telling you. until now, we didn't put our lawnmowers away. >> that's brian kuebler. the neighborhood association has a meeting planned next monday at #:30 at the
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community's clubhouse. five children staying with a family member because the mother faces charges for leaving them alone in a hotel. police say she left them while she wept to steal from -- went to steal from someone at another motel. t-ame-ka wright and james reese robbed the motel and wright left the youngest just 4 months old and left them alone in a hotel room. when it comes to the u.s., he usually brings controversy and it sound like today will be no different. iranian president ahmadinejad is is addressing the united nations general assembly today. in an interview with the associated press e. says the united states -- he says theunited states is a bully and domineering and the nuclear issue is the imposition of the will of the united states. the president did obama did such on-- touch on the speech. >> the united states will do what we must to prevent iran from obtaining a nuclear
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weapon. >> obama said time is run willing out-- running out for iran to resolve the dispute. more mosquito spraying to stop the spread of west nile virus. the department of agriculture says people should stay inside during the spraying which will happen around 7:30 weather permitting. storms are expected for the area. 30 people across the state have been diagnosed with west nile. three people have died. people who donate blood are tuning out more than the blood -- finding out more than their blood type. 36 people found out they have west nile while donating blood. the state has 8 deaths in oklahoma and more than 150 illnesses. blood donations facilities test for west nile among other diseases year-round. nurses say whoa wouldn't be surprised if -- say they wouldn't be surprised if more people turned up with the disease. last month, kill co brought the steel mill for 72 million
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dollars. after rg steel sought bankruptcy production. it set a auction day for buyers to pouch all or part of the property by december -- purchase all or part of the property by december 21st. whoever operates the mill withrun one or more of the mills. welcome news for public schools. the district saw strong gains in both the overall s.a.t. results for this year and high passing grades for advance placement he can aimsch the scores -- exams -- placement exams. the scores increased slightly. the district has work to day says the superintendent e will use the data to improve resources for students so they can do better next year. it was not a good night at the yard. the o's were shut out by the blue jays. >> with the season winding down and potential for a wild card
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game in oakland or baltimore, scamers may be looking out for you. >> linda so is here with what you need to know to get to the playoff games. linda. >> reporter: they will have a chance to redeem themselves tonight in the phenyl game of the series. as -- phenyl game of the series. -- final game of the series. fans and players are -- fans are gearing up for the last home game of the regular season. but as exit. bills for the -- builds for the potential of a post season so does the risk for scams. right now all games are sold out. here's some red flags to look for. if the ink on the ticket smumtion or the paper is -- smudge or the paper slits along the edges, chances are it's a fake. the post season schedule has not been set yet. >> when there's a greater demand for any sporting event, you will see a increase for potential scams and frauds. >> reporter: and for all you
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fans there's another buckle up rally for the o's from noon until 1 at mccormick world of flavors and 2 to 3 at the wal- mart in severn. it will be there rallying fans and giving away tickets and gear. linda so, abc2 news. so what do you think about being the ultimate o's fans. we want you to prove it. head to to submit your picture of your thoughts on the omazing fan. we will have photos to vote onto see who is the biggest baltimore orioles fan. the winner gets an ultimate orange fan gift ander's -- and a certificate to the zone. here's meteorologist lynettecharles. >> wet weather this morning and even into the afternoon. let's look at the satellite and radar. plenty of cloud but we are focusing on -- clouds but we are focusing on heavier rain heading towards the eastern shore. also a few lightning strikes
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with this. behind that we will get a break but not for too long because we can see another round of showers just feeding in. lots of moisture with. this so we could have another round as we go into the afternoon. as you head out to the game this evening, make sure to take the rain gear but with the storms, it could be a delay. keep you updated on that information. now back to megan and charley. as soon as you start the day without a caffeine boost and we all have one. the video up is. take a drink. professionals feel more productive when they drink their coffee. food prep and service workers topped the list of those needing the cup of joe the most followed by scientists, sales reps and pr professionals and nurses. no tv anchors on this list. dunkin donuts and career builder conducted the survey. it tied in with national coffee day coming up saturday. i like it. turn that mug around. splash that o's sign.
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>> stay with us. those replacement refs are not just causing problems for players, coaches and fans. >> the bad calls and long delays felt in sin city. how this season is impacting those big beters. it was new word from san francisco these days. downsizing. the cheaper options they are looking into that could be cutting back on living space for those out in the golden gate city. >> reporter: everything is up to speed on 695 at dulaney valley road. i will show you how things are shaping up on 95 and 83. and jamie costello and -- shaping up on 95 and 83. and jammy cos test -- jammy cos tell -- jamie costello and i are having a competition on who cancome up with the best o's cheers.
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thanks for joining us this tuesday morning.
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the blink of an eye shawnice singletary's life changed. >> her family says she remained positive through the experience and now strangers are reaching out to help. a computer company from massachusetts presented her with a special computer at johns hopkins hospital. it allows her to do all kinds of activities online and also make phone calls and send text messages just by moving her eyes. >> it helps a lot. it helps me to be able to communicate with my family. >> the cost of the equipment would have been more than $8,000 as far as finding the person who shot her, police say they have no suspects and right now no motive either. time for five things to know on this wednesday morning. a hearing on the defamation gation cains kens casey anthony. she is being sued by a woman who says she damaged her reputation during the murder trial of her daughter.
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anthony claimed a nanny tookcaylee. allen gross has been in prison in cuba for almost 3 years now. he was arrested and sentenced for bringing restricd communication equipment into the country. >> the state of ohio is seeing presidential activity. mitt romney is attending a victory rally and henning to a round -- heading to a round table discussion and president obama will state at kent state and bowling green state. employees with the grocery store are hoping to organize food donation. giant also holding food drives at all of their locations. and we are going to have a warm fall or early winter is in the answer may be determined this morning by baltimore bill. the crab is going to walk the plank. if he goes right, winter is
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coming early. if he goes left, you can leave the sweaters in the drawer for a little longer. the warm weather will hang around thatacoring to baltimore bill. >> who needs lynette when you have a crab. what kind of science is that what if he sinks to the bottom. >> you want to boil him. >> he is -- what are your predictions. >> he is going to the right. >> going to the right. >> yeah. >> a cold winter? let's worry about today. >> exactly. today is not cold. it's nice and mild but we are dealing with the rain out there. so, as you head out and about, put the heavy coats away. remember what we needed yesterday and the day before and break out the rain gear because the rain is here. and you can see it, it is going to clear out. we will head towards the eastern shore. that moves out and we get a little break so don't think it's going to be an all day event. but we have another round behind that. so, more showers and storms will be coming in here as we go into the afternoon. look on the bright side we need
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the rain. we are 6 inches below for the entire year. temperature wise is what we are working with this morning. mild at 64 in baltimore. we should be at 5 # for this time of the year. and 63 in annapolis and tillman close top 0 -- 70 and west minter at 606789 and federalsburg at 65 and goldsboro at 64. we have the winds kicking up out of the south and west. we can see it in baltimore 9- mile-an-hour wind and we can see 13 in easton, 13 in dc. the southwesterly wind are helping to warm the atmosphere for today. and it's along ahead of the cold front. once the front moves through what's going to happen is it could stall out just to the south of us and that's why we will keep the rain chances in as we head through the next several days. next several days including the weekend. so we have wet weather to contend with as we go through time. 81 is what i am going with for today. it will be a warmer day that temperature at 64. and as we head through tonight, and by tomorrow, 75 degrees a
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little driver but i am going to keep a stray shower in the forecast. here's check of the 7-day but we can see the showers even as the o's play ravens playing tomorrow and we can squeak out drive time. a little patchy fog in some spots as well. >> reporter: yes. you want to expect reduced visibility and we are dealing with that rain. be extra careful as you head out. as we head over to howard county, no problems on interstate 70. it will be nice and clear from columbia pike over to 695. and there are no concerns right now on the beltway all the way around. it will be nice and clear. and if you are heading out to the harrisburg expressway, here's hunt valley at shawan road, it will be a easy ride towards 95. if you are using 95 to get into the city, here's downtown. no problems at 395 and everything will remain up to speed through the fort mchenry
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tunnel. now over to you. 4:47. making headlines around the nation. the angry reaction to new york after controversial ads started to appear in the city's subway is stations calling for people to support israel and defeat jihad. the ads were court ordered to be put up despite mta opization. a judge ruled the message is protected it's free speech. but those ads are vandalized. >> i don't think it should be thri. don't. >> if they are saying -- there i don't. >> if they are saying they are savages it's wrong. >> we need elected officials and mta doesn't endorse the hate group. >> it was put up by the american initiative defense and several groups will put up ad that peacein word and deed. downsizing happening in california. city supervisors have plans to change the building code that would allow smaller apartments to be built allowing for a
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apartment to be about 220 square feet. think about that. 220 square feet that's probably about the size of your living room. this includes a kitchen, bathroom and closet. the code requires a living room alone we said that's supposed to be 220. proponents say the smaller apartments will provide a cheaper option for living while critics are proposing the first test for the small units coming in a month. a high school junior in louisiana is making a name for herself. brittany wanted to play football and her friends urged her to give it a shot. at first she was offered the opportunity to kick for the team and that didn't work she took onmore hands on role. >> my legs are too short to be a kicker so i rather run with the ball. >> i said you want to play full back i will give you an opportunity. >> the cope says players have embraced -- the coach says the players have embraced the
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female teammate. packers fans may be seeing red after monday's game but there's a question could the refs see? >> some want to know. a doctor making that referee an offer he doesn't think should be turned down. >> the feelings one dad expressed about his children that has him in the middle of a controversy. we will explain when good morning continues on this wednesday september 26th.
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after monday night dramatic game between the seahawks and packers many started to wonder about the whole replacement ref thing and if the guy who made the car had vision problems. >> wisconsin eye care provider wants to help the ref who made the call wants to help him see more clearly. offered free lacics surgery to the lasik surgery to the referee. >> the referees obviously they had some vision issues, so we decided to help them with that.
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>> he says he and his staff will talk to the referees about decision making and they will talk about the expolice it rules of the game of football. explicit rules of the game of football. las vegas is very concerned the refs are going to hurtbetting. a sports book operator says that beters lost about 150 million dollars because of that bad call during the seahawks packers game. betting was at normal levels during the first three weeks of the regular season but now they say gambling experts are saying fans could pull back on the bets if replacement refs are continued to be used. >> one book expert said you would be crazy to bet the nfl right now because of the refs. the ravens hit the practice field preparing for their game tomorrow night against the winless browns. several ravens players includingjoe flacco and ed reed commented about the refs voicing concerns about the calls that have been made. the browns like we said, they are 0-3 on the season. but the rain fans do they
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worey? one bad call -- worry? one bad call in one game can make all the difference and doesn't matter who you are. your thoughts on the game, head to for a poll on the game. you think a bad call could determine the outcome? right now, there are more is than nays. >> we have a lot going on orioles tonight and rallies going on around town so traffic might be an issue. >> reporter: yes. and with the orioles jamie and i are having a contest. we came up with our orioles cheer. check them out and vote for one of us. please vote for me. >> weather wise going to be affecting traffic as we make the commutes. this is developing as we watch. >> sliding off towards the eastern show. getting rainfall. heavy at times and saw a couple lightning strikes in this as well. so we are looking at maryland's most powerful radar and we can see what's going on. let's start you out by carroll county around frederick


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